The Chef creates divine combinations

The Chef creates divine combinations


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SUSHI DES ARTISTES OWNER Jay Joden presents JAPANESE BBQ restaurant “ WAGYU-HIDEYOSHI” had established in FEB 2016. Jay has over 40 years of experience in running high-level restaurants in New York, London, Tokyo and other big cities. This is Jay’s New Challenge in Marbella Spain. We directly import  Fresh & Tasty Japanese KAGOSHIMA BLACK BEEF from our MORI FARM in JAPAN. We are Best Cattle Championship title Winner!!

All which will leave you with a memory of a truly unique experience. His team focuses on the guest’s satisfaction and entertainment and assures to leave you impressed.

What is Yakiniku?

One of Japan’s Favourite Dining Styles !

Yakiniku is a Japanese word that actually means “Grilled Meat”  That’s exactly what a Yakiniku restaurant is all about!  These restaurants are extremely popular in Japan, and you will find many different parts,  all with different meat you can choose!  The most unique thing about Yakiniku restaurants is that the meat will come to you raw!  That’s right — you get to grill it all by yourself at your table.  This makes the dining experience more social, and fun!  Everyone likes to grill the food, and you serve stuff as you like and when it’s ready. We have great dipping sauce for meat!!  So you never stop eating (or drinking) !

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Tuesday to Sunday



0034 952 857 403 / 0034 693 014 587


Welcome to Wagyu Hideyoshi by Sushi des Artistes

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Tuesday to Sunday 13:00- 16:00 19:00 - 24:00

0034 952 857 403 / 0034 693 014 587

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